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At T-Buck, LLC, hunter safety is not just a catch phrase, it is a primary focus. Each year many hunters are seriously injured as a result of falls from treestands. One industry survey found that 74% of the accidents using treestands occur when hunters are climbing up to or coming down from their elevated platform. The treestands on the market today only provide fall protection while you, the hunter, is seated in the stand; this does not provide complete protection. As a result, you are at risk every time you use a conventional treestand. You owe it to yourself and your family to use the T-Buck Total Buck System TM.

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The Total Buck System TM uses the First Step, Every StepTM safety system. This patent pending system provides fall protection from the moment you take your first step off the ground until you take your final step back onto the ground. The heart of the System is the unique Hook & Climb TM connections that allow you to easily and quickly connect your safety harness to the ladder as you install your T-Buck TM TreeStand or while you are hunting from your T-Buck TM TreeStand.

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Installation of the T-Buck TM TreeStand is safer and easier as well. Unlike conventional ladder stands, you can safely, easily and quickly assemble and erect the T-Buck TM TreeStand. The first thing you do is snap the ladder sections together, adjust the X-BracketsTM, and then lean the ladder up against the tree you have chosen. Then, while still standing on the ground, you secure the first ladder section to the tree using the rachet straps provided with your T-Buck TM TreeStand.

After you have secured the first ladder section to the tree while you are still standing on the ground, you can now start to climb the ladder using your Hook & Climb TM tethers (attached to your Fall Arrest Harness). The Hook & Climb TM system allows you to secure each remaining ladder section as you move up the ladder. During this process you are always safely connected to the ladder should you slip off a ladder rung.

Once the ladder is secured to the tree, you then attach the platform to the lower ladder section and then simply raise the platform to the desired height using the T-Buck TM pulley system. Once you move the platform up to the desired height on the ladder, you again use the Hook & Climb TM connections to climb the ladder and secure the platform to the tree.

(rollover “Raise platform to Level position” at left for photo)

(rollover “Secure platform to tree” at left for photo)

During installation, and all through the hunting season, your T-Buck TM TreeStand will help keep you safe and secure. Simply put, no other ladder treestand on the market today offers you the level of safety found in The Total Buck System TM.

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